Cassie A. (haku_kaen) wrote,
Cassie A.

[FICLET]Bed Head, Lulu/Rikku, Final Fantasy X

Title: Bed Head
Fandom: Final Fantasy X
Pairing: Lulu/Rikku
Rating: G
Notes: Written for the No True Pair challenge for the prompt "morning routine"

Lulu woke, as she often had in recent days, to slender fingers carding through her hair, gently working out knots that had formed during the night. She would never understand how Rikku somehow always managed to unweave all of her braids before waking her.

"Cu bnaddo," Rikku cooed to herself as she let a few strands slide through her fingers, then met Lulu's eyes with a grin when she noticed she was awake. "I love love love your hair so much, you know? It's so exotic!"

"So you say almost every morning, though you should know by now that it isn't," Lulu said drily, but her voice was warm, no trace of sharpness in it. "Black hair is hardly uncommon outside of Bikanel."

"Oh, poo on that, it so is." Rikku buried both her hands in Lulu's hair, and Lulu couldn't hold back a shiver when her fingernails scratched lightly across her scalp. "Lots of people have dark hair, but yours is special. It's so black. The prettiest!" She separated one strand from the rest and began to braid, her fingers quick and deft. It had taken her many tries to get their thickness precisely right for Lulu's usual hairstyle, still more to learn how to shape her bun right every time instead of leaving it a lumpy mess.

Lulu, slightly amazed at herself for allowing them both to linger so long in bed in the morning when they could have gotten on with their day much faster if she took care of her own grooming, allowed her to practice as much as she wanted. Rikku never seemed to cease being entertained by it, laughing as happily at her mistakes as her successes. It was nothing but charming, and Lulu had never though herself one to be charmed.

"All righty, all done!" Rikku said, tickling the end of Lulu's nose with one of her braids before shimmying around in front of her. She craned her head back, letting it drop against Lulu's shoulder, and beamed even more brightly. A strand of her own fly-away bedhair smacked Lulu in the chin, the ends somehow finding their way into her mouth, but instead of being annoyed she somehow found herself laughing quietly as Rikku trilled out, "Okay, my turn!"
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