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Baldur's Gate
Female Bhaalspawn/Edwin Odesseiron
It always annoys me that when Edwin is transformed by the Nether Scroll you're never even given the option of referring to him by the correct name and pronouns, at least in private (in public I'll overlook it, since we know that he wants to keep what happened a secret and going along with the whole "Edwina" thing helps him with that). And I know, I know, blah blah can't expect a game from 2000 to be that progressive, in a plotline designed to make fun of the token evil blowhard and bring him down a few pegs they're not gonna focus on the fact that what he was actually turned into was a miserable trans man not a woman, blah. But you know what annoys me even more? That the Edwin romance mod does the exact same thing. Even in moments that are clearly meant to be completely private and don't need to worry about revealing his identity. Even when he's being more open with the PC than he is ever is with anyone else about how afraid and disturbed he feels you don't get the option to even make your character have the decency to at least call him by his own name. Even in the privacy of her own thoughts she thinks "her"s and "Edwina"s. Makes me spit nails in a mod that I otherwise quite like for the most part.

So my challenge to you, oh gift giver, if you matched me on this one, is to fix that! It doesn't even need to be shippy, although I'll be honest and say I do prefer shipping fic for this one if you can manage it. I don't want the Bhaalspawn to make a big deal out of treating Edwin as if nothing has changed, in fact I'd rather that for her it be something she doesn't even actually think about at all; of course she still calls him Edwin when they aren't places where they need to be careful about guarding his identity, it's not like the spell swapped him out for another person, he's still Edwin. Maybe she could do some things that in her own eyes are just small ways of helping out but mean a lot more to him like getting him some male, or at least androgynous, robes to replace the cleavage-bearing slit to the hip ones the curse stuck him in. Maybe there was nothing romantic between them before, but she being the only person to treat him like himself is what makes him start falling for her. Or you could touch on the fact that some of his banters make it clear that he can be a horndog but now that there's actually someone he's attracted to on more than just a physical level he's stuck in a body that he can't stand the thought of having sex in (or at least any sexual contact focusing on his own erogenous zones).

My main Bhaalspawn (poor thing's trapped in a loop where she keeps reaching the end of her adventure only to import restart it again) is named Adrian, which, I know, I know, the books are the most awful things ever but I'll always take the most canon names I can get in a game where you get to name the hero and his surname works for a heroine, and she's a Cavalier who's very strongly of the "good is more important than lawful" school. Which is admittedly a weird choice for shipping with the evil teammate (she's also a massive coddler of Viconia, so basically for all that it's my favorite class I Paladin weird). She will always gladly help anyone even if it's an incredibly obvious trap because she won't risk turning away someone who honestly needs her just because she thought they seemed shady, but the moment she's betrayed she will slaughter them without hesitation. With how sheltered and secluded her upbringing was I imagine that I imagine that her view of Paladin's was forged by and her beliefs shaped by legends she found in Candlekeep rather than having anything to do with any actual Paladins which leaves her waaaaaay more accepting of the evil, the chaotic, and other undesirables than others of her ilk because if they aren't actively committing evil in front of her on the logic that there's always the chance that they'll end up taking part in great good in spite of themselves (and uses her own evil teammates as self-justification). If you want to check it out, I wrote one fic featuring her.

(Oh, and little piddly thing mentioning the romance mod reminded me of; I really hate the nickname "Eddie" for Edwin. If you go with this one please don't have her nickname him.)

The Kid, Rucks, Zia, Zulf

So, I'm kinda super-OT4ish about the group. Well, not so much OT4ish as overlapping OT3sish; The Kid/Zia/Rucks and The Kid/Zia/Zulf with Rucks and Zulf accepting of the arrangement but not interested in having any form of romance with each other after everything. But you don't need to go that route! Gen is good, and so is pairing them off in any other combination you'd like if you want to write something shippy.

I'd love something about them exploring the world, searching for a new start, in the Restoration ending, but I'd be just as happy with something bleaker based on the fact that Rucks, at least, starts getting deja vu memories in the Restoration cycle. A Kid who's starting to remember trying increasingly desperately through the cycles to prevent Zulf from leaving and spare him (and all of them) the grief that comes with it only to never be able to do it. Or, if you believe that the Restoration failed because The Kid wasn't able to get all the cores maybe they eventually regain enough of their memories to make that shit work, to all find each other before the world is broken and stop the Calamity from ever occurring. Of course, given what information we have about the old world they might end up feeling like "Why the hell did we want to save this?" (Ooh, maybe with all their memories restored they end up choosing not to, and instead make it a happier ending by just saving individual people they care about instead by convincing them to either be underground or at the Bastion when the Calamity strikes). Or something where they don't really remember anymore than they do in New Game+, but deep inside feel drawn to try to find each other without any idea why they have this sense that there are people out there they should be with and a place where they belong (I'm thinking Zia especially here, her image in the Restoration ending always gives me the sense that she feels like there's somewhere else she should be).

Finding some way to make peace with the Ura after Evacuation? The Kid finally opening up to someone about the events in Jawson's Bog (if he ever does I see it as being Zulf after he returns, but it doesn't need to be)? Something set during Zulf's period away from the group focusing on the fact that however he feels about Rucks and what he's trying to do he and The Kid and Zia never stop caring about each other's well-being and never lose their bond. Something with the pets! You don't know how many times I restored my save to keep any of them from dying. Or something about the Gods, whether it's the worship of them or their actual presence, the way the Calamity broke them too or something about Rucks' rage against them; I really like the game's pantheon.

Really, as you might guess by me throwing five-million ideas at you, I just want to see anything more of this world. (Oh, and in case it matters to you, my favorite weapon combination is the spear and the dual pistols, though it's really just the spear that does not leave my Kid's hands).

Hatoful Boyfriend
Shuu Iwamine/Hiyoko Tosaka

Yeah, I'm the type who ships the evil doctor with the perky female lead. I will adore you if you can somehow come up with a suitably creepy ending for them that doesn't end with her head in a jar. Her hunter-gatherer instincts being a little sharper, her love for him being a little more twisted so she doesn't feel incapable of fighting back to defend herself when he comes at her with the machete. She doesn't even need to know she's dodging death, her instincts could keep getting her the hell away whenever she's skirting the edge of disaster while to his own disgruntlement Shuu finds the idea of keeping her around as a head in a jar less and less appealing as the "mere-exposure effect" makes him want her as she currently is around more and more.

And I just want to double-underline that I do not want it to be fluffy. Well, Hiyoko can be if you want her to, though I'm sure it'd just annoy Shuu and she should still be her own nutty self around it, but Shuu should still be Shuu even as he grows to loath the thought of killing her. In fact, I imagine he'd be pretty pissed off by his own feelings, considering how they'd screw up all his plans!

If you don't feel comfortable writing bird-human pairings you can write human!Shuu if you'd like. And I should say that I really hate the most common fanon character design for Hiyoko; girl's a cave-dwelling hunter-gatherer, she should have muscles, not a generic anime scrawny school girl body-type. Probably be pretty darkly tanned too. And, after finding out about Shuu's colorblindness I always imagine her hair being as bright a red as nature will allow, kicking off her catching his attention just by the fact that he can't help his eye being drawn to the one color he's capable of seeing.

Men In Black

Man, I've shipped the two of them since the first movie and it just keeps going. While K's feelings might be more ambiguous, you can't convince me that J isn't totally in love with his partner.

But for this one I'd really like something with young K and J. What's it like to have a stranger show up who likes you so damned much (and you can take that platonically if you don't feel the ship)? Does he think there must be something going on between his future self and J, and if so how does he feel about that? Maybe they never had any type of romantic or sexual relationship in the future but in the past J decides to buff up his seduction skills and put them to work on young K, because even if he'd rather be with his partner as he knows him if things go pear-shaped with Boris he knows this is the only chance he'll ever have again at having something more with K.

Maybe nothing ever happens with either of them, but the way J acted did make K think they were in a relationship in the future, doesn't fight it when the time comes because of it, and J gets back to the absolutely baffling situation of finding himself in a relationship he has no memories of (but that he's very, very, cool with).

Or, more genly, something about K in the year's between when he first met J and the time J first meets him, looking forward to the partner he needs to wait decades to find. In the new timeline is he more like J was between MiB1 and 2 (though obviously less blatant/mindwipey and more K about it), discontented with all the other partners he has in the meantime because he knows it's not the person he really should be working with? Or you can just toss everything else I've just said out and give me good old mission fic, the mission being as big or as small as you'd like.

And, if it matters to you, my own take on some of the timey-wimey things the third movie left loose: the movies have not always involved a closed time loop, in the original timeline K never met J until the beginning of MiB1. J's dad might or might not have died in the original timeline (either way young J was either never neuralyzed or he was just given the type of quick, callous, mindwipe that he's so against as an adult, which leads to his bitterness about his father vanishing that second timeline J probably didn't have due to K's words), if he didn't he was recruited into the MiB.

Now on to more general things! First of all, as always my requests are arranged alphabetically, not in any sort of order of preference. And don't think that the length I ramble on about them implies any sort of preference either! It's more an implication that I'm lazy as hell; the further I go down the list the more I run out of steam when I get into my optional details/letter. Happens every year. *g*

Three of my canons are games. If you'd like more options for what you're writing have the mods contact me and I'd be willing to buy you any/all of them. I'll just set up a new email account to send the download codes to then send the mods the username and password to pass on to you and anonymity is preserved!

Out of the three of them Bastion would be the shortest (it's possible to finish the plot in an afternoon if you have time to kill), Hatoful Boyfriend is in the middle if you go through all the routes (and is the best choice if you're not a gamer since it's a visual novel, all reading the story with just the occasional choice to make outside of one memorable scene, though that depends on whether you can stand the cracktastic 'Girl dates birds! premise though it actually is bizarrely plotty and touching), and the Baldur's Gate series is downright long.

For my preferences I prefer humor and happiness over angst and doom, though you can go darker if you want. I just ask that your story have a happy, or at least hopeful, ending. I love both plotty fics and quiet slice-of-life stories. I love women being awesome, I do not like any form of character or pairing bashing. I prefer slow-building relationships over "One day Emily suddenly realized her friend Robin was hot and decided to try flirting, and by that night they were declaring their undying love for each other!", and I'm even happier with small displays that make it clear two characters trust and are comfortable with each other than I am with giant romantic displays.

I try to fill up my details with lots of ideas that might give you an idea of which way to go with your story if you need a plot bunny to jump off from, but don't feel like you need to take all of them, or even any of them at all if you get a totally different idea from the sense of my tastes the prompts give you! (Uh, except for request #1 this year, that's one where, while you can ignore any of the other details, I really want to see the Bhaalspawn respecting the fact that Edwin's a man whatever parts he might have between his legs, unless of course you can't work with that at all and are forced to optional details are optional me on everything but the characters.) I also really am genuinely happy with gen; if you look through my stories you'll see that I'm primarily a gen writer myself (and my romance fics tend to be so slow-building they might as well be gen for a good hunk of the story half the time *g*). Most of all what I want is you to find a story that you want to write out of my requests, don't stress about trying to cram in as many of my details as possibly if it means the story's like pulling teeth for you to write; I think we'll both be happier with the end result if you have fun with the writing of it. :-)

Oh, and if you want to get a feel for the things I write and like, you can find me here on (more of my fic is there than at the AO3 account you obviously already have).
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