Cassie A. (haku_kaen) wrote,
Cassie A.

This table's for the notagain_again challenge.

001.Last night on earth 002.Fairytale 003.A and B find out they are related! 004.A and B are trapped in a cave/shack/elevator/on a deserted island/etc with nothing to do but each other 005.Pirates
006.Best friends 007.Post-cataclysm 008.Body swap 009.A disappeared [x] years ago, but now... 010.Arranged marriages
011.Brought together by holiday 012.Prostitutes 013.[Outside influence] made them do it 014.All of A and B's friends think they're already a couple 015.Back from the dead
016.A becomes disabled in some way 017.A and B are having a secret affair 018.Kidnapping 019.Retelling legends 020.Matchmaking (A and B are got together by their friends)

And this one's for 100fandoms. I'm probably not going to work on it for awhile, but I wanted to put it here to remember that I want to try it someday.

001.universe 002.edge 003.cleave 004.distance 005.away
006.home 007.key 009.dust 010.shadows
011.old 013.borrowed 015.promise
016.dishonor 017.wreck 018.fix 019.crack 020.clip
021.fiddle 023.water 024.waves 025.salt
026.balm 027.fat 028.wear 029.mask 030.truth
031.courage 032.hope 033.raised 034.fall 035.spring
036.birth 037.morning 038.welcome 039.belong 040.share
041.count 042.mean 043.teasing 044.fantasy 047.bed 048.turn 049.swing 050.koala
051.cull 052.quell 053.arrested 054.inside 055.chance
056.alive 057.sleeping 058.late 059.rain 060.bottle
061.kaleidoscope 062.brilliant 063.theory 064.practice 065.war
066.storm 068.swim 069.wallow 070.settle
071.ground 073.silence 074.screech 075.snap
076.scratch 077.bug 079.faded 080.ghost
081.history 082.time 083.mirror 084.drawing 085.trailed
086.way 089.heart 090.perfection
091.right 092.sanction 093.can 094.collection 095.crowd
096.oversight 097.graduate 098.laughing 099.until

And finally (for now) a_to_z_prompts

01. A affluence 10. J jeopardize 19. S sightseeing
02. B benefit 11. K kindliness 20. T taciturn
03. C complexion 12. L lullaby 21. U unicorn
04. D debacle 13. M miracle 22. V viciousness
05. E eulogy 14. N nonetheless 23.W weightlessness
06. F fantasy 15. O outstanding 24. X Xanadu
07. G genesis 16. P prolific 25. Y youthfully
08. H handwriting 17. Q quarreling 26. Z zealously
09. I immortal 18. R reunion

01. 01 - joker prompt 02. 04 - a bus 03. 12 - a meadow
04. 18 - a balcony 05. 22 - a sailboat 06. 23 - a creek
07. BONUS PROMPT! 30 - a bridge
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