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Cassie A.
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Hey there. If you're here because you like my fanfiction feel free to friend and I'll friend you back, but usually any fic I put up on here will be on ff.n at the same time. Usually I'm pretty boring, and will go for months at a time without updating.

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.hack/games, a a', abarat, alice in wonderland, anything adult swim really, armitage iii, barbossa/elizabeth, beautiful girls (movie), big o, big wolf on campus, boy meets world, brother/yuna, buffy seasons 1-3, captain planet, cartoon network cartoon cartoons, chronicles of chrestomanci, chrono cross, chrono trigger, cowboy bebop, dalemark quartet, daria, dead man on campus, death note, discworld, disney movies, drop dead fred, el hazard, evangelion, fairly odd parents, fairy tales, fatal frame, ficcing for strangers, final fantasy games, flcl, fullmetal alchemist manga, fushigi yuugi, futurama, good omens, gundam wing, harry potter, harvest moon, here is greenwood, hitchhiker's guide, holes (movie), imajica, in and out, inuyasha, joan of arcadia, jonathan strange mr norrell, kingdom hearts, lain, live a live, long-lost relatives incestfic, lupin iii, mahou tsukai tai ova, max steel, men in black, monkey island, narnia, naruto, neil gaiman books, noir, okage shadow king, peter pan, pgsm, please save my earth, princess maker 2, radical dreamers, ranma 1/2, read or die, reboot, red dwarf, road to el dorado, robin mckinley, rock lee, rock lee/sakura, royal tenenbaums, sailor moon, sandman, scaring myself senseless, season of sakura, season one carnivale, sherlock holmes, silent hill, slayers, spirited away, star ocean 2, star trek: tng, step by step, suikoden, suikoden 3, suikoden 4, tales of destiny, tales of symphonia, the dark is rising, the dc crack dictionary, the last unicorn, the princess bride (book), the simpsons, thief of always, thousand arms, time squad, tokimeki check in!, trigun, true love (game), ultimate fantastic four, uncanny x-men, utena, venture brothers, veronica mars, video girl ai, westing game, witch hunter robin